Volunteer Spotlight – Curt

Curt and Lilian

Meet Curt Sheetz, our volunteer who has been with us since the first day of the 2019 Summer Session! Curt feels passionately about the program since his own family has a history of neurological disease. Since he and his wife take lessons regularly to learn how to dance, they know the power of learning new steps, dancing to the rhythm and learning how to do it together.

The best part about Curt volunteering is not just the dance steps- it’s the joy and energy he brings to every class. Participants report increases in perceived happiness and confidence in remembering directions and details. We have to think this has a little something to do with our fabulous volunteers!

Thinking of volunteering? You don’t need to know how to dance, we teach you step by step. It’s the friendly smile and patience that makes you the perfect candidate! Contact us today.

Volunteer Spotlight – Sylvia

Sylvia Thompson is a positive, patient, energetic dance enthusiast! She has a passion for salsa dancing and you can find her at any local dance event shaking her groove thing!

Sylvia is the perfect volunteer partner at Rx Ballroom Dance because she brings her love of dancing to participants who might be nervous or scared to try dancing with a partner. If you’ve been diagnosed with a neurological disease, there is a strong chance you also struggle with anxiety or depression. A friendly face who is kind and caring goes a long way!

So what are you waiting for? Thinking of volunteering with an organization where you can directly impact someone’s overall health and wellness? Sign up today.

Don’t have the time to volunteer? Still want to make a difference? Donate here.