News Flash: Dancing Essential to Life

“Researchers identify exercise for optimal health of body and mind”

It’s so encouraging every time we see another article published about the seemingly endless benefits of dance. This particular one does a wonderful job of highlighting the positive physical, mental AND emotional effects that dancing can have on a person.

Read the full article at the link below, and then let’s dance!

Would you like to support a program that brings these tremendous benefits to people who truly need them, such as those suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s?  Consider making a donation today.

Another Successful Fundraiser!

Rx Ballroom Dance slays another fundraising night last week at the ever generous Londance Studio in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Because of competition gown, practice wear and shoe donations, we were able to auction off over $1700 worth of items to raise money towards ballroom dance classes for people with neurological disease! That’s nearly a full semester of classes fully funded!

Your donations have made the difference for:
1. Participants with Alzheimer’s gaining rhythmic coordination and confidence in speaking and socializing
2. Participants with Parkinson’s gaining better alignment, posture and balance
3. Caregivers being able to enjoy themselves and be directly involved in an activity that benefits both them and their loved one
4. Overall improvement in physical, mental and social/emotional growth by all!

Can’t donate right now? Consider volunteering and being a dance partner in one of our Rx Ballroom Dance classes! We would love to have your help. Contact us today.

Rx Ballroom Dance Late Fall Semester Begins October 28th!

It’s time for the 2nd semester of the Fall season and Rx Ballroom Dance is kicking it off with classes now offered two times a week:

Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 11am

Location: LonDance Dance Studio, Laguna Niguel, CA

Are you or someone you know struggling with neurological disease? Have you been diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer’s? Dementia? Parkinson’s? Are you recovering from a stroke?

Did you know that Ballroom dancing has been proven to be the #1 most effective activity you can do for your brain health? Research has proven that the coordination, balance, memory recall and socializing that ballroom dancing includes has no only shown to mitigate symptoms, but reverse symptoms in some patients!

So what are you waiting for? Cha cha your way to a better quality of life!

Enrollment is required before attending.

Classes are always free – we are a non profit 501(c)3.
Come with a partner or come alone, a partner is always provided!

Call (310) 938-1620 to enroll or email

Want to support or volunteer? Contact us.

Science Confirms: Dancing Makes You Happy

We don’t need science to tell us what we’ve known for ages, but it’s great to be able to welcome more and more of the scientific and medical communities to the dance floor, where studies are showing people consistently become happier and healthier!

This particular article from Psychology Spot points out:

“However, the magic of dancing can not simply be reduced to brain chemistry. Dancing is also a social activity that allows us connect with the others, share experiences and meet new people, which has a very positive effect on our mental health.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Read the full article here:

So what are you waiting for? If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a neurological disease, what better excuse other than to literally get happy?

Late Fall Semester starts October 28th and now includes Monday and Wednesday classes at 11am. Two times a week to get your brain healthy and your feet moving!

Student Spotlight – Azi

Meet Simon and her mother “Azi”. Simon knew from recommendations of her doctors that getting her Mom out dancing was one of the healthiest she could do for Azi’s dementia. But private dance classes are expensive and, more importantly, Simon wanted to be there to support her Mom in class, not just stand by.

This is why Rx Ballroom Dance is different. After a few weeks of joining Rx Ballroom Dance classes, both Simon and Azi are loving every cha cha cha. Simon gets to be her mother’s dance partner, so Azi feels safe and relaxed. They both get to dance for the lesson and we can’t tell who is having more fun! Best of all, classes are free of charge so the financial restriction is never a problem.

These classes bring joy not only in to the lives of those affected by neurological disease, but their family members as well. A program built to foster connection, posture, balance and rhythm for participants and their families works.

Please consider supporting people like Azi by clicking here.

Our Dress Auction page is live!

Are you looking for a dress for your next ballroom dance competition? Would you like to help people confronting neurological diseases at the same time?

Check out our new Dress Auction page for a selection of gorgeous, gently used dresses. Suggested donations are set way below what you would normally pay, even if you were to find one of these beauties for consignment.

Contact us and let us know which one is calling to you!

Student Spotlight – Eileen

Eileen and Patricia

Meet participant Eileen (left) and her friend Patricia (right). Eileen jokes that if someone is going to get diagnosed with something, she has already had it. A brain tumor, a stroke, dystonia and now breast cancer, she has a feisty fighting spirit! Eileen already knows what the other participants of Rx Ballroom Dance have figured out- if you want to keep your brain and body healthy, keep on dancing!

Eileen’s biggest obstacle continues to be her balance and coordination from the struggles with dystonia (involuntary muscle contractions). But Eileen is a fighter and is determined to get the steps correct. She gets the student of the week alert for amazing concentration and determination while working on her core and posture! Go Eileen!

Your support allows us to continue programming for amazing participants like Eileen. Since classes are free of charge, she doesn’t have to worry about any expenses as she fights the good fight for the health of her brain and body. Consider donating to continue providing classes to amazing women like Eileen.

Volunteer Spotlight – Curt

Curt and Lilian

Meet Curt Sheetz, our volunteer who has been with us since the first day of the 2019 Summer Session! Curt feels passionately about the program since his own family has a history of neurological disease. Since he and his wife take lessons regularly to learn how to dance, they know the power of learning new steps, dancing to the rhythm and learning how to do it together.

The best part about Curt volunteering is not just the dance steps- it’s the joy and energy he brings to every class. Participants report increases in perceived happiness and confidence in remembering directions and details. We have to think this has a little something to do with our fabulous volunteers!

Thinking of volunteering? You don’t need to know how to dance, we teach you step by step. It’s the friendly smile and patience that makes you the perfect candidate! Contact us today.

Can Dancing Prevent Dementia? (Spoiler Alert!)

The Wall Street Journal explores: Can Dancing Prevent Dementia?

Spoiler Alert!

Our organization is proof that dancing, in particular ballroom dancing, has a profound positive effect on the brain. In just 6 weeks, our summer session participants reported:

1. Increase in perceived happiness
2. Increase in social interaction
3. Increase in ability to recall directions
4. Increase in confidence to recall details

Multiple studies through organizations and universities have shown how ballroom dancing specifically works to prevent Dementia. What if there was a nonprofit organization that brings local classes and opportunities free of charge to combat this neurological disease?

Oh, wait a minute, there is!

Rx Ballroom Dance represents a new way of thinking about brain health. Please help us grow and expand to provide classes to even more people who could benefit from the healthy holistic qualities of ballroom dance.

Donate today.

Student Spotlight – Lilian

Step by step, day by day, consistency is key.

Our rockstar Lillian has never missed a class and has shown incredible growth! A great grandmother of seven, she has no intention of letting Parkinson’s disease slow her down! With the help of her volunteer partner Curt, Lillian’s speed, coordination, balance and reaction time has skyrocketed in just four short weeks!

Additionally, Lillian loved the waltz but hasn’t danced it in decades. Dancing the beautiful waltz every week and surrounded by participants who also love to dance is an absolute highlight!

Can you help make a difference in someone’s life? Consider volunteering or donating today. Classes are always completely free for participants.