Meet our awesome team!

Nearly all members of the board are ballroom dancers and have experienced the physical and mental health benefits firsthand. Those who aren’t ballroom dancers have been witness to the effects in others. 

The mix of legal, medical, educational and dance experience among our team, along with a shared passion for bringing ballroom dance to forefront as an effective therapeutic tool, is the reason for Rx Ballroom Dance’s initial rapid success and will be the reason the organization will continue to grow in a strong and sustainable way.

954698_10101879414754594_363014960_nErin Drake, founder of Rx Ballroom Dance and Executive Director

Erin has extensive experience in education and business development, both in the private and nonprofit sectors. As noted in her resume (attached), she has served on the boards of other nonprofits with responsibilities that included developing programs and their evaluative criteria, strategic planning, and managing fundraising and donor campaigns. 


Jim RobertsJames (Jim) F. Roberts, Chairman of the Board

Jim is an attorney at law and the founder of Orange County’s premiere estate planning law firm that focuses upon protecting the family. Since 1981, with Jim at the helm, the firm has met the estate planning needs of more than 10,000 clients. Jim has the distinction of being among the ½ of 1% of the attorneys in California that the State Bar recognizes as being a Specialist in their field of practice. Jim has sat on boards for the protection of abused women and children, and has served as an officer on his church board. Jim is also the past president of service clubs in Southern California.


Audrey and Dick

Audrey Schwarzbein, Board Member and Richard (Dick) Graham, Treasurer

Dr. Audrey Schwarzbein, an Ophthalmologist, and her husband Dr. Richard (Dick) Graham, a Neurologist, bring their decades of expertise and philanthropy to the organization. Outside of their own practices, they have extensive volunteer experience with numerous other nonprofit and humanitarian organizations.


GaryGary Flashner, Secretary

Dr. Gary Flashner is a retired medical physician, with several decades’ experience working in the ER and in the field (serving in Yosemite National Park). After retiring from the ER, he directed the development and review of a library of patient education documents for Elsevier/Exitcare, a patient education solutions company. In addition to serving on Rx Ballroom Dance’s board, Dr. Flashner teaches CPR classes and mentors students on a medical track at the University of California, Irvine.


LyndaLynda Zadra-Symes, Board Member 

Lynda is a litigation partner and co-chair of the Knobbe Martens law firm trademark and copyright litigation practice groups. She represents clients through all stages of U.S. litigation, from pre-suits through trial and appeal, in federal courts throughout the country and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Her practice involves all types of intellectual property, and she also advises on issues relating to customs and anti-counterfeiting, international trademarks and copyrights, advertising, social media, competition and passing off.


LaraineLaraine Tanzer, Board Member

Laraine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in private practice. Laraine is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and an Approved Consultant in EMDR. Throughout her career, she has designed and led several comprehensive group programs including partner relationship programs, women support groups, grief workshops, leadership workshops, social skills training for children and parenting classes.


True McMahan, Board Member

True brings valuable knowledge and insight to the Rx Ballroom board as a medical physician with over 30 years of training and experience in the hospital. She currently serves as the Medical Director of the Emergency Department and Vice Chief-of-Staff at the Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center in Garden Grove, CA. True has a particular interest in Geriatrics and takes care of Hospice patients in their homes when she’s not in the Emergency Department.


Jeannine Smith, Board Member

Jeannine is a Certified Financial Planner™, Financial Advisor and co-founder of The MacArthur Group at Morgan Stanley. Collaborating with her teammates, she has dedicated her career to serving the specialized needs of successful professionals, business leaders and families for more than 30 years.

As an amateur ballroom dancer, Jeannine understands first-hand the joy, friendships, challenges and personal fulfillment that dancing offers. She is grateful to Rx Ballroom Dance for the opportunity to help bring these benefits and more to people confronting neurological conditions. She is happy to contribute her experience with other non-profits along with her time and energy to this most worthy cause that is so close to her heart.


Debra Hill, Board Member

Dr. Debra Hill, MD, a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, has been in solo Private Practice for over 35 years. Specializing not only in Adult Psychiatry, but also Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, she has focused on the individual as a whole through an Integrative/Functional Medicine approach to her patients. She has always searched for the drivers of her patient’s problems from the biologic, to the psychosocial, developmental, soulful, and lifestyle point of view.

Through her passions for scuba diving and ballroom dance, Debra has a deep appreciation for how physical activities can open the mind, body and soul to personal growth, healing and recovery. She has served on many Boards in leadership capacities through the years, and presently is the President of the UCI School of Medicine Alumni Association, and also serves as the Speaker Coordinator on the Board of the South Orange County Scuba Diving Club. She is very excited to be a part of Rx Ballroom in its endeavor to preserve and enhance the quality of life for people who are confronting neurological conditions through dance.


Tricia Bowman, Instructor

Tricia is a Professional Ballroom Dancer & Life Coach. Tricia has been teaching Ballroom Dance for over 25 years. Specializing in techniques that help strengthen mind, body and soul through dance, music and movement. She has worked within the chiropractic and physical therapy world to continue to enhance her knowledge of the body and mechanics. As a life coach, she believes in the power of a positive environment to help her clients improve, heal and be able to work from their potential.


Katie Flashner, Web Designer

Between her educational background in environmental science and creative writing and her career as a technical writer, Katie has spent nearly 20 years experiencing and witnessing the powerful effects of combining the creative arts and science. As a ballroom dancer, she knows firsthand the mental, emotional and physical benefits of this art/sport. Katie uses her writing and website skills to help Rx Ballroom Dance raise awareness of its program and build its community.


Birgit Haissig, Grant Writer

Birgit has over 25 years of experience in technical editing and content writing. She previously served as editing department manager at an environmental consulting firm, and in 2016 she became an independent contractor for content writing and editing. Birgit witnessed the devastation of Alzheimer’s when her mother became ill in 2010. While her mom has since lost her battle with this disease, her love of music and dance had an enormous impact in lifting up her spirits and keeping her present with her family for longer than medical experts thought possible. Birgit started taking ballroom lessons in 2012 and appreciates the engagement of both her mind and body that comes with learning this beautiful artform. Also, after a challenging day, a ballroom lesson is just what the doctor ordered to clear her mind and end her day with joy. When the opportunity arose to write grants for Rx Ballroom Dance in August 2018, Birgit knew she had to be involved because she strongly believes in the positive effects ballroom dancing has on people suffering from neurodegenerative illnesses based on her personal family experience.