Rx Ballroom Dance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that stands for a Natural Prescription to a Healthier Mind and Body. We use ballroom dance to enhance and preserve the quality of life for people confronting neurodegenerative conditions.

Current Class Schedule:

Mondays – 11:30am on Zoom, 1pm Live at Sway Ballroom, Laguna Hills, CA
Wednesdays – 11:30am on Zoom
Thursdays- 1pm Live at Sway Ballroom, Laguna Hills, CA
Fridays – 11:30am on Zoom
Full class schedule available on the Classes and Events page. 


We are excited to share that the Rx Ballroom Dance Program is supported by community grants from the Parkinson’s Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America! Thanks to these grants, we will be able to expand our program in person and online as we move forward into the post-pandemic world.

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